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ZAR X is a new generation stock exchange 25% owned by the PIC


The benefits of using ZAR X listing each TIP:

  • ZAR X has a real-time trading platform allowing for the maintenance of a  live share register

  • Investor validation, coupled with our unique trading rules and the ZARX platform ensure that we can ensure (where required) that a TIP is always majority black owned while still allowing free trade in the share for all investors

  • Our unique listing rules within the ZARX environment allow for more flexible issuing and repurchase of shares, making balance sheet management, acquisitions via scrip (SWAPs) and management of discounts to NAV and returning cash to investors more flexible

A stock exchange that drives financial inclusion:

  • A listed share with no minimum transaction charge (guided 1.5% stockbrokerage) unlike the JSE

  • A listed share easily traded via the user friendly  ZARX Direct Market Access (“DMA”) app


TIPOne is an empowerment investment holding company that is  listed on the ZAR X securities exchange.


TIPOne aims to build a diversified portfolio of listed shares acquired at a discount to market, via those firms associated BEE schemes or directly from the listed companies themselves


Allows investors in BEE schemes of listed companies to swap their holdings in those scheme for shares in TIPOne

TIPOne is a listed share that will always a minimum of 51% black owned and controlled as per the BEE Codes Of Good Practice, by combining our unique trading rules with ZARX’s pre-trade compliance system, but still allowing for Institutional and other investors to provide liquidity by accessing the share


BEE schemes own over R400bn of listed equity in South Africa

HOw TIP One Works Picture_edited.png

Introducing the TIP One BEE SWAP

A rand-for-rand buy-out by exchanging existing BEE investment for shares in TIP One

SWAPs will be done using scrip, however in many cases, a determined cash investment may be used for the investor to realise some immediate cash value;

TIPOne will therefore be a black investor into underlying investment opportunities and will remain so in perpetuity

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